Beard Trimming Tips From an Expert

beard grooming tips from an expert

Every man reaches a point in his life when he takes a leap of faith and see’s what life would be like with a beard. Some of the more fortunate ones are gifted with a godly beard that grows like wild fire while others are stuck trying every type of beard growing serum just to look average. If this is your first time taking the plunge┬áthen let me welcome you to the exclusive club of real men.┬áNevertheless, while you might be retiring the razor for a while, growing a beard requires a regular all its own. (For beginners, you’ll still require that razor for some neck line clean-ups.).


Acceptance is one of the primary steps of growing a beard: Are you really able to grow one? How full is it going to be? If you’re young– teenaged, or early 20s– it might grow fuller yet. Nevertheless, if your facial hair (or do not have thereof) is long established, then you’ve got to work with what you’ve got. Stop assuming you’ll grow a complete Galifianakis, unless your hairs are thick enough in the cheeks … and all over else. The bright side is that there are numerous ways to look fantastic with facial hair of all lengths and patterns; experimenting with it is half the fun of growing it out. Make sure you stock up on product, a great beard oil/balm will go a long way.

You need to consider the type of beard that fits your style. Search in the mirror at your face: What shape is it? Your beard must make your face look as oval as possible. So, if you have actually got a square or circular face– as broad as it is long– then grow a beard that includes a little length, keeping the sides cut. If you have actually got an oblong or rectangular face– longer than it is broad, with less graduation than someone with an oval face– then you don’t wish to include much length to the beard and grow it any longer.

In conclusion, it’s going to take some serious practice to get your beard game level up to expert but with enough practice and patience you’ll be sporting a ZZ Top beard in no time.